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A dancing Jeans but not just that…

Kizo Jeans idea starts in 2003 during a trip to CAPO VERDE when I came across this ipnotic and persuasive music whic was danced by couples in a soft, slow and sensual way. Every night when I was going out with my friends I was fascinated by the polite and joyful way this dance was performed by local dancers. Since I did not speak Portuguese at all, my focus was on the non-verbal communication and on the gestures of these young locals.

Right away I realized that it was a new dance, a new music never heard before

However, it was a few years later (around 2008) in the London dancing floors that I discovered the name of this captivating music and therefore the name of this magnetic dance style: the Kizomba. In fact, every year, in my usual summer holidays in London, every evening, when I was attending the Latin dance evenings (salsa, bachata and cha cha cha), I was always coming across Kizomba workshops. On these occasions I had the pleasure to learn the first steps and then I could try to dance this magical dance based mainly on body language. Then a few years later I had the pleasure of rediscovering Kizomba at dance congresses in Italy and by attending Italian dance schools. In fact, nowadays, in every dance school where Salsa and Bachata are taught, there are always Kizomba courses as well.

Nowadays Kizomba is known all over the world and a new vocabulary of words has been born around this magical dance which all lead back to the world of Kizomba.

All that is KI , KIZ and KIZO is synonymous with Kizomba

KIZO JEANS, Kizo was born with the aim of ennobling the Kizomba dance through appropriate clothing and to make known its culture and its human values ​​based on kindness, gentleness, respect and friendship between people

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Passion for Kizomba is put in every Kizo Jeans

Considering this growing and unstoppable worldwide interest in KIZOMBA, and being myself a specialized textile designer, I had the idea to create a brand and consequently a clothing item that is immediately recognizable. In this regard, I thought that jeans trousers were the ideal item through which someone can express his/her dancing personality and communicate his/her belonging to this world. Associating the "old" jeans concept with the "new" Kizomba style immediately seemed to me the perfect combination. I thought that the right way to communicate the culture of this new dance was linking the most loved clothing item by young people with the magical world of kizombeiro.